Burka woman cropped.jpeg

If you show me yours,

I will show you mine.

We’ll sneak away together

to spend a little time.


We’ll go behind the schoolyard

Or back behind the park

It has to be in daytime,

we can’t go out at dark.


When we see each other,

quickly we will kiss,

discreetly touch each other,

giggle and caress


Say you need some shopping

to get out of the house.

Husband won’t suspect a thing.

Be quiet as a mouse.


And as you make your way across

the rabid city square,

be watchful of the walls with eyes,

the women walking there.


We meet and move like shadows

at the city’s terminus

our gowns like paper chocolate

down to where the vermin is.


And when at last, secluded,

I take you in my arms

and feel your breasts against mine,

hearts in sync, bloodlines warm.


Though they would deny us,

what we do here isn’t wrong.

Women must have romance.

Distant gunfire is our song.


For somewhere now they’re searching

looking for to find

in Baghdad now a woman

of independent mind.


So let your veil fall, my love,

and let your beauty shine.

If you show me yours, my love,

I will show you mine.